School Discounts for Students & Instructors

Discounts for Students and Instructors

SFJS is a strong supporter of education in the arts. In an effort to encourage new jewelry artisans and reward instructors, we offer a 5% discount on all purchases. This discount applies to everything we sell with the exception of precious fabricated metals.

To sign up for the discount, please fill out the form below.

For many years SFJS has supported local schools by offering gift certificates to students who participate in and win awards for their artwork in juried events at schools such as New Mexico State University and the Santa Fe Community College.

If your school sponsors a student competition that is either by semester or annually, instructors can apply for our Rising Star Student Award Program so we can recognize promising artisans. To be considered, please fill out the following Rising Star Student Award Program Application.

Outfitting a New Classroom Space?

SFJS would like the opportunity to work with you on setting up your new classroom or studio space. Send us your wish list and we’ll put together an unbeatable package price deal!